Ms.Shangrila is Freelance fashion designer, illustrator, Youtuber and independence fashion blogger. Born in June 1996, Bangkok, Thailand. She has strong passionate in Art from modern art to Michelangelo’s scultures. Influence by Punk Rock fashion movement, She start to learn how to sewing clothes and designing since she was 9 years old. Fully start her career at designer and illustrator at 18 years old and became the finalize competitor in Elle star fashion search competition in 2014 with the perspective that Fashion is one kind of Art form, she start to open these blog to hopefully will be a platform that able to share her though to the art and fashion world.

With her stand out style, now she has been featuring on street style column in many famous magazines for instance, Harper Bazaar, Elle (Thailand), Nylon, WWD, Buro, NHK and Cheeze. Also has selected on the 5 best fashion illustration of the year by Trendsketches.

With her interest in traditional and hand craft such as Tailor made suit and traditional weaving . Now she focus on how to keep tradition survive in the world of fast fashion. She has invited to attend “Prewa textile” fashion project and also the speak as a young talent by the government.

Photo by Streetper