Now it been almost a month since I moved here to London.

it's a big change.

at first, to be honest to myself and all the readers.
I have to admit that even I call myself blogger, 
but people didn't read my blog anymore. 
it's just the small amount of numbers.

I'm not really get into this change yet.
so I think, 
it might be the time that I can go back to what I've created, my blog...

since it 's not big amount of number so I guess this is the opportunity to change it to whatever I want.

for now, I don't know yet. Maybe a kind of Diary?
a photo collector?


it might be a bit old fashion way, but let do it.

I want to explore about my own self in this country, since I never have a chance before. I think moving to a new place is a big opportunity to find myself when people have no expectation, you can start every thing again, but this time I will make sure that I'm on the right plat. 

::Now you have moved to London, What's you plans? What you going to do next?

:: Just live, I mean not just beating but living a life.
Yes, so my plan is just to live.

all the photo took by me, but the pic that have me in it have took be my lovely friend Maciej Czan

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