Seoul Fashion Week day 3


Here come day 3 of Seoul Fashion week. The weather is a lot better then the second day so I have decided to wear something very vivid today to give us an energy and something lively back to us, and this become my favorite outfit of this season! I try to wear all the primary color at once. I would like to see the contrast between all the color as an outcome. All of the outfits today are a product from Thailand except the bag which is from Gabriela Hearst.

photo by gaejung_photo

photo by @realstreet1

photo by Perth_fashion_hunter

photo by baeraegi_ph

Outfits details:
Top&Jacket ; Fashion student's work
Skirt; Dunno Everyday
Scarf: Everyday Karmarkamet
Bag; Gabriela Hearst

Seou Fashion week - Day 1


It’s March, and everyone know that March is a month for Seoul fashion week.  After all of my busy work, now I have would like to take you to the first day of the show in DDP.

  Like we know this year Pantone color is Ultra Violet so in the first day of Seoul Fashion Week I decided to wear a total head to toe Ultra violet tailor made suit. With the long coat from my favorite brother’s brand “Pila Studio”. I try to stylist it in a different way. I love the feeling of how contrast the purple suit go with a stripe coat. Let’s see what I going to wear tomorrow on my next blog!


Photo by @kim3do
First photo by @gaejung_photo

What I wear:
Tailor suit : it’s a tailor made by Lucky tailor
Coat: Pila studi
Bag; Disel

Seoul Fashion Week day 2


The second day of Seoul fashion week, it’s very cold. It’s not crowded like it’s supposed to be. It was snowing so hard so even a photographer still have to wait in the building. So most of the pictures I have is just a pictures I run to the show or run to some buildings.

This is the most warmest outfits that I have. Today I wear very very big tailor made suit by Pila studio and a turtle neck from my own thesis collection and carrying a bag with a neck tie belt by Grofe official.
Also a red small sun glass with chain and red shiny leather shoes.

Photo by @js_photo_graphy

Photo by Kunghun Kim

Photo by @raffaelacenta

Tailor suit by Pila Studio
Bag by Groffe Official

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