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sorry for don’t update any photo or any work for a long time, finally I have a time to deal with such a lot of photos from my trip so This entry I will show you the photo I took from Seoul fashion week. so you can see what they were wearing for the show. For me I really like the fashion here It seem different with another country in the world. 

I think in Korea they are really focus more on teenager, it seem like the teenager hold the main Key for everything in here like fashion, music, art and etc. I know most of every country the teenager also be a important thing that effect with the trends but not much as Korea do! After I visit the Show here, I found out that most of them is a street brand for teenager, it full of a Over size t-shirt, short pant, Vivid colour with a Graffiti paint, Cartoons drawing  or Minimalism stuff….  you won’t see any of luxury brand for the middle age person in here. Also in the fashion week they are full of young people and it’s really cool actually.

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In Thailand I know that  they have so many Korean model that so famous as you able to see such a lot of Korea model in many international runway now a day like London or Milan fashion week and a lot of girls are crazy about them but when I arrived to Korea fashion week I found that it’s more then I was expect. They have so so so much famous model in Korea and Girl seriously crazy about, I’m sure that some model have more Fans then some singer or musician have. In the third day that I stayed at Seoul  (it’s a second day of Seoul fashion week), me and my friends stay in the fashion week until the late night when the last show was ended and I found that they have so many girls waiting for her favorite model to come out. It’s unbelievable for me who never visit fashion show here before because it was a really late night so the weather is really cold but they still full of fans some are dress like they also visit the show but some are just the girl who come just for meeting them. I think  The model here take an important role to a fashion business here, in Korea like I have never seen before.   It become normal here if you might hear about Which show have the best hot model in this season like you have heard about which show have the best look in this season lol

:on top is model Park Chan Kyu @han_ck

:Here is Kim Sung Chan, one of my favourite model here in Korea. He's also be in "Korea next top model". I found his Instagram long ago. I think he is really cool guy that have a bit of feminine feeling that remind me a lot about my favourite model "Andreja Pejic"

Like I said Korea fashion is all about Teenager spirited so in the photo you’ll see a lot of cool kids!! Wearing a cool stuff like wearing Primary color from head to toe, Cool Graphic Jacket, Here is some street photo that I snapped. Sorry that I don’t have a lot for you to see but I hope you gonna like it....


  The day before the last day of the show I was so glade to meet one of my favourite fashion blogger of all time ….Susie Bubble. I really feel excited since I know that she gonna visit Korea fashion week but I miss with her all the time. The show that her visit is the show that I can’t made it like the first show that I still be on the plane or another show that I don’t see that I have a ticket so I can’t be able to go there in time but finally I met her at last, In the …. Show. It’s seriously unbelievable to meet her in person. I was followed her blog since I was studying in high school. I love her vision of fashion, specially the way that she write her blog it always full with a Knowledge and the good inspiration as well. Too bad, that it’s the last show of the day so It was really dark so I can’t get a good quality photo with her.

This’s my look in the second day of the show I was wearing a black tailor made jacket with a oversize white shirt and black turtle neck a pant that I was design for my own collection “Evaporate together” that you can seen some sketch on my Instargram.


The last day of the show It was so so so busy day since we were hurry packed our bags to move from Bangkok(as you can read it in my last entry about why we are here on my blog) so we don’t have enough cloth to go to the show today, so we design to find some cloth from there in the morning so we can be in the show on the noon. It was really funny, Imagine see three girls running to find a cloth in the early morning and we think we really done a great job after we seen that we all have a new cloth to wear to the show. I was wearing a pastel pink tailor that I  find in a shop near my Hotel. I think it’s a good choice cause I really do love Soft pink color and it look really well being a suite but unfortunery my turtle neck is not really match with a suit I wear lol but I have no choice because the weather is too cold to wear anything else and in that time I have just only that one so it not  optional to choose.

All photo take by me: CANON 6D

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