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If you have been follow me on Instagram, You’ll found that I went to Seoul fashion week in Korea immediately during my project in college. Throwback  to  1 or 2 weeks before the show. me and my friends was working really hard on fashion design project that gonna be the last work of this semester. First I have to tell you that this year is totally the worst year I have been though, work hard, no time to rest, boring with the same place , no time to do what I really want to do
…… everything seem awful, right?…….

  We knew that if we can make though this project everything gonna be finish but we seem don’t have any power to make it at all so we design to go to Seoul fashion week but unfortunately, Seoul fashion week has set up during our project (so perfect timing!!) it seem impossible at all! If we design to go to Korea we have to finish first project earlier then another class mate and after we back from Korea we still have to do the second work in 2 days and then we have to do another project non-stop for 3 weeks but you know it must have that point when you so bored with everything and need a new thing for your life  finally we design to escape…. (yes, it is a right word for this situation lol )

Wedesign to fly to Korea on Tuesday (first day of Korea fashion week and the day before sending first project) 
I was working really hard before go to the airport so I can send the project in time before the flight, I was working non-stop till midnight of Tuesday, pack my bag and go to the airport in the morning without any sleep and of course with the hurry time I don’t really prepare my cloth well, 
I was just like jumping on the train. 

First day that we arrive to Korea was really late at night so we can't go anywhere (and also miss the show of Sculpt) This is my look of The second day take before going to fashion show of D.G.nak
I will write more about another day soon! thank you for reading.

Dress by Dirty Paw(Bangkok)

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