Prelude fashion show in Singapore


 this is not my first time in Singapore. It might be 4 or 5 times but I really love this place, to come to Singapore it become apart of my favorite thing. I love the way it is a small country. I believe that everyone know how small Singapore is but That 's a reason because Singapore is a small country so  Singapore never stop develop there country to be stronger and stronger, and that's a important reason why I love to visit here.

 I was invited to the Prelude fashion show in Singapore by Mr.Chris last month. it was fantastic like what I said Singapore is never stop developing there country and also "Z wedding & Le Grand's fashion show" this is not my first time here ,at there fashion show so I can tell that these bands are become better and better. The show was amazing. it was full of fantastic dress to stare at.

this's one of my favorite design in this show. I always fall in love with the gowns which have a pockets because mostly the dress and most of clothes that make for woman seem don't like to make a pocket while man's cloth have a lot of pocket but you know girl have a lot of things to carry on not even when she go to a party or her wedding day she might still need her lipstick or anything so I think it 's really really important for every designer to focus on it. 

So in this wedding dress which have a pocket that designer make it can see from outside with is make from see through fabric. how can I say, It's really cool! I love the way that this dress doesn't look like normal bridal. She look really cool, this idea is really great if  is possible to decorate any lace on the pocket and make it look more special, it gonna be more and more amazing.

me and Leona infront of the show - photo by Orsqr

;TO the event I was wearing the white suite tailor made from Meticulous.
black high heel from Red Valentino.

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