Sometimes a day goes by

A few weeks ago I went to my old school were taught me all about fashion design

 It's not a Secondary School or High School but It's like a tutor, Tutor that you can choose what you want to lean,what you want to be in a future 

 and of course if you give up on your way you can go back to be a normal student. 

but we learn it really seriously we got a lot of home works. 

We never shopping cause our class it end in the same time with all Mall close. 

We never hangout anywhere cause we realize if we go to hangout so any home work can be done. 

the whole class is full of student who want to be fashion designer and want to study fashion design on University. 

when we met our conversation will be like 

"last night do you sleep already?"

 "No I won't" 


"and Home works?"

 "not done too." 

 but now we don't be like that anymore. we become senior who graduated. 

and it feel really good.

and we'll have party soon,it's a "Punk Rock in Backyard Party" it'll be really fun but it still have a fix day yet cause a political situation in Thailand.

so because of this I'll show you some of our project why we study there what's your thing?

  see you in next entry.


I'm just a litter girl in a little world who always dream to be fashion designer

and this is my blog that will tell my story

this is not my first blog but it's my first blog on fashion

i'll post my fashion works,what i think and my favorite fashion here

hope you enjoy!!!

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