Now it been almost a month since I moved here to London.

it's a big change.

at first, to be honest to myself and all the readers.
I have to admit that even I call myself blogger, 
but people didn't read my blog anymore. 
it's just the small amount of numbers.

I'm not really get into this change yet.
so I think, 
it might be the time that I can go back to what I've created, my blog...

since it 's not big amount of number so I guess this is the opportunity to change it to whatever I want.

for now, I don't know yet. Maybe a kind of Diary?
a photo collector?


it might be a bit old fashion way, but let do it.

I want to explore about my own self in this country, since I never have a chance before. I think moving to a new place is a big opportunity to find myself when people have no expectation, you can start every thing again, but this time I will make sure that I'm on the right plat. 

::Now you have moved to London, What's you plans? What you going to do next?

:: Just live, I mean not just beating but living a life.
Yes, so my plan is just to live.

all the photo took by me, but the pic that have me in it have took be my lovely friend Maciej Czan

Seoul Fashion Week day 3


Here come day 3 of Seoul Fashion week. The weather is a lot better then the second day so I have decided to wear something very vivid today to give us an energy and something lively back to us, and this become my favorite outfit of this season! I try to wear all the primary color at once. I would like to see the contrast between all the color as an outcome. All of the outfits today are a product from Thailand except the bag which is from Gabriela Hearst.

photo by gaejung_photo

photo by @realstreet1

photo by Perth_fashion_hunter

photo by baeraegi_ph

Outfits details:
Top&Jacket ; Fashion student's work
Skirt; Dunno Everyday
Scarf: Everyday Karmarkamet
Bag; Gabriela Hearst

Seou Fashion week - Day 1


It’s March, and everyone know that March is a month for Seoul fashion week.  After all of my busy work, now I have would like to take you to the first day of the show in DDP.

  Like we know this year Pantone color is Ultra Violet so in the first day of Seoul Fashion Week I decided to wear a total head to toe Ultra violet tailor made suit. With the long coat from my favorite brother’s brand “Pila Studio”. I try to stylist it in a different way. I love the feeling of how contrast the purple suit go with a stripe coat. Let’s see what I going to wear tomorrow on my next blog!


Photo by @kim3do
First photo by @gaejung_photo

What I wear:
Tailor suit : it’s a tailor made by Lucky tailor
Coat: Pila studi
Bag; Disel

Seoul Fashion Week day 2


The second day of Seoul fashion week, it’s very cold. It’s not crowded like it’s supposed to be. It was snowing so hard so even a photographer still have to wait in the building. So most of the pictures I have is just a pictures I run to the show or run to some buildings.

This is the most warmest outfits that I have. Today I wear very very big tailor made suit by Pila studio and a turtle neck from my own thesis collection and carrying a bag with a neck tie belt by Grofe official.
Also a red small sun glass with chain and red shiny leather shoes.

Photo by @js_photo_graphy

Photo by Kunghun Kim

Photo by @raffaelacenta

Tailor suit by Pila Studio
Bag by Groffe Official

What I proud in 2017 and 2018 resolution


Today is 6 January 2018, 2017 is passed away so quick. At first I have to admit that 2017 is not the year that I most proud about It's quite tough and hard work year, but in 2017 I have a chance to know many people and also a chance to do something new and awesome. This’s the list of things I pound about in 2017 and my resolution for 2018!!

Thing I done in 2017:

2018’s resolution:


This year, I want to try more new things. Specially, I want to try to be a real artist not just an illustrator and of course I will never become one unless I act and do it!


Honestly, 2016 is the hardest year so far. I worked hard and not even able to move to anywhere, so when it come to 2017 I take more times to rest and do a lot of things I felt missing from 2016 but 2018 I’d like to balance both of the thing. Not just work, but enjoy living in the same time. Work hard and make sure that I really happy!


Pass years I stopped to listen to Rock music. I don’t even know what is the reason behind that. In these few months ago, I have a chance to go back to my old playlist and found that “I love Rock music, I love it so much!!” So this is my plan back to listen to music I was really enjoyed and explore more of the interesting band, I have missed. (So please don’t invite me to the club with the kind of song I don’t like anymore lol)


Like you able to see on my blog history, the last blog I have posted is about 1 or 2 years ago. I admit that lately I didn’t post or do anything to my blog. I felt like I stop having a passion in blogging because I have to spend quite much time with it. To think about the subjects, to write it down and also to prove my English, so I felt tired for a year, but I still call myself as a fashion blogger….. So now I start to think, “Can I able to call myself as a blogger, if I don’t write any blog???” “No! Of course not!” So this year, I want to start it all again. I want to write it more casually at least 1 blog/ month. Maybe write it more like a diary, easier to read, but hopefully that it able to make you guys enjoy reading it more!


The new things that I really started last year is YouTube because I think nowadays people read blogs more less, people prefer to just watch … so I felt like it’s a good idea to open my own YouTube Channel to share my daily life and specially I would like to make a vlog that able to show about another side of being fashion blogger and fashion student. Most of the blogger will show just only a wonderful side which it creates a wrong idea to followers because the truth is we have to work hard to reach there as well. I feel like that is another subject that I’d like to working on

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I can tell that I’m a bad reader, I hate reading because my Thai reading skill problem which make me read slower than a 
normal person, but I always love to collect the books I never even finished it. I found that reading is so important and interesting. 
Sometime it's better to spend time far away from the screen and just enjoy the story and knowledge! Let's start with finish the book that I am reading!! Hahah


Of course I love traveling, This year I’d like to travel more and more in the country that I've never been from civilization to explore the locals and culture. I wish to see the world and start new adventures.


If you have followed me for a long time, you will know that to Move to London always has been my plans, but unfortunately it's taken a long time then I though. Nevertheless, I’d like to tell you guys a good news this year:)


This is a new thing that I just started realizing more about the problem that fashion industry wasted so much natural supply and the fact that fashion come and go so fast. It’s really do effect to the world. In the future, I’d like to focus on fashion that able to reduce waste, kill less animals and also help traditional hand craft.


I think, This one is clear enough. Just going to wear whatever I want, stop listening to the complainers. Do it, if I like it:)


Are you ready with me? Let's make this year interesting !!




 “Style” is such a important word that move a things especially “fashion” , In the past the trend was into “Maximal and Luxury”  but then they become “Minimal and Modern”.

Last week I have a chance to visit 6 fashion shows on Elle fashion week in Bangkok. I have to admit that I don’t visit fashion show often, specially in fashion week (but I decided to go more often lately lol). I really enjoy went to fashion week this time. I love to meet people that I don’t meet for such a long time and also have a chance to meet a lot of new interesting people from fashion event.

First We will talk about the first show that I visited “Greyhound”. Greyhound is a famous Thai brand that I think they are the most popular for the young age here in Thailand. This time Grey Hound come with a concept “Quiet is a new loud.” I have to say that because I don’t really interesting in a kind of minimal fashion so I don’t really interest to see the show that much but after the show was start my mind change completely. They start with the red screen and kind of heavy rock song which is “too loud”. I really cover both of my ears in that time after the sort heavy song was stop is become silence and we can see the sentence “Quiet is the new loud.” Right there on the screen. First model were coming on the stage the look in this show is minimal-modern style which represent Greyhound’s character.

Chic + Contemporary + Simple but never boring”
A wardrobe tot the thoughtful and worldly non-conformist; modem and minimal clothes and accessories might be enchanted with a trompe l'oeil print or constructed  form an unexpected material. Largely influenced by graphic design – the theory and technique – the clothes have a cerebral  vibe and a sculptural quality. This implicit and explicit use of graphics is what marks Greyhound out from other fashion house. “


that what Greyhound said to describe themselves. After I have been watching Greyhound collection for a while I think Greyhound is changing a bit from the past but in a good way. I really like Greyhound now a day. They have easy going screen T-shirt, minimal tailor in black and white, some are cool pattern of tartan, some are biker jacket with stylist graphic with primary color. We able to see gimmick of Rock clearly.    

in the first part of the show the song is a bit of slowly quiet song but what we easily to focus is the sound of the high heel when the model walks on the runway, it’s normal thing to hear some noise when people are walk pass by but when it’s quiet. we have no Idea how annoyed it can make. I like the Idea of it.

One thing that we able to see from Greyhound this time is “The Model”. It different with another band that use international and well-know model. It looks like concept of Greyhound nowadays is to make a cloth for normal people, not a celebrity but just ordinary one who walk on the street.  They might don’t have a perfect body. It can be no one. So the model that walk on this show have their own signature and style. Some of them don’t really work as a model. Like you can see on the photo set of this collection, they don’t even retouch a model face. It’s cool!

The last show of the fashion week is HOOK’S. it’s starting really late than normal and people are waiting in the line outside the tent for so long. It actually made me wonder what is the reason why everyone looks really excite to see this show. With weather that extremely hot and what everyone is wearing on that day are not comfortable to stand right there at all. People are in the line more then 20 min and when they start to let the guess went in the show it become really crazy then anyone expect I stuck there and It not able to move at all. Some are screaming like “Oh! My bag, my bag!!” I see the woman in front of me can already out of the crow but her bag was still stuck inside. I was stand on high heel with only one feet while my friend afraid that He won’t find me because it have too much people put each other to get inside of the show. 

After we get inside we still have to wait for so long until the show began, the seat were fill up so fast. The light are tuning dark, first model came in and then the show has begun. It have three model at the first they stand on middle of the stage like they want us to remind of the art sculpture, not just a piece of fashion, I quite like…actually.

The show has so many looks. They separate it into 3 parts. The first part began with a beautiful silhouette dress, mostly are a long gown with a technological robot look in black and white. The second part is more fancy than the first one. They play more with optical prints , some fancy hat and cool stylish like …. Silver mask like Draft punk , some model have a light holder on her shoulder and some look like she’s in under the deep sea…. 

The last part is start when they tune off the light and the model come in, walk so powerful and shots the guest madly with laser red light on her finger. The show end with the the small collection of dress that look like the color of rust and the word on the back “FUTURIST”. It’s the excited show I had seen in this season in BKK fashion week. The show is make from hard work even we can’t tell that it’s 100% new but it’s the interesting show that we wish to see. It’s interesting that the fashion week began with a minimal brand like Grey hound but end up with completely creative show like Hook’s. it show a really different comparison of how they contrast to each other.

About Me

“Ms.Shangrila” is Freelance fashion designer, illustrator, Youtuber and independence fashion blogger. Born in June 1996, Bangkok, Thailand. She has strong passionate in Art from modern art to Michelangelo’s scultures. Influence by Punk Rock fashion movement

with the perspective that Fashion is one kind of Art form, she start to open these blog to hopefully will be a platform that able to share her though to the art and fashion world.

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